Disability Organizations and Links

SC Resources
Augustine Literacy Project |
Decoding Dyslexia SC |
Family Connections  |
SC Branch of the International Dyslexia Association |         
SC Assistive Technology Program | 
ProParents | 

National Resources
Learning Disabilities Association |                           
Bookshare |
Children’s Dyslexia Centers, Inc |
The International Dyslexia Association |
Learning Ally (formerly RFB&D) |
National Center for Learning Disabilities |
Bright Solutions for Dyslexia |
Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy |
Dyslegia: A Legislative Information Site   |
Yale Center for Dyslexia & /creativity   |
Proactive Parent   |
WETA-Office of Special Education |
Understood |

Parents’ Guide to Special Education Services in South Carolina|
Special Education Process Guide for South Carolina | 
SC Dyslexia Task-force |
Letter from US Dept. of Ed |

More Resources to Explore
Legal Resources for Special Needs
Keeping Disabled Persons Safe While Remodeling
Creating a Home Where Your Disabled Child can Thrive
Teacher Resources for Special Needs
Disaster Preparedness for Special Needs
Home Accommodations for Special Needs
Disability Resources from the Department of Labor
Tips for Disabled Persons to Declutter and Organize their Home
Financial Planning for Special Needs