Advocacy, Awareness, Support, & Education

  • LDASC provides training seminars throughout the state to educators for professional development and to parents on issues related to learning disabilities, and related disabilities/disorders.
  • LDASC answers questions, as we are able, through email to provide support, advocacy, and assistance to parents to locate appropriate resources.
  • LDASC collaborates with like cause organizations to provide resources, support, education, training, and advocacy¬†to ensure success for all people with learning disabilities.
  • LDASC works with state and federal agencies and organizations on training materials, etc. (Dyslexia Task Force, State Department of Education Dyslexia Training Manual).
  • LDASC provides information material through our online store that can be used to promote learning disability awareness; assist with training for parents, teachers, educations, service providers, and the public, in general; help parents to know key terminology and resources available to assist in advocating for services for their children with LD.